Governance and Management

governanceFollowing an amendment during 2013, the Scheme provides for the appointment of 14 trustees, made-up of 1 ex-officio trustee, 3 nominative and 10 co-optative trustees. The ex-officio trustee is the Mayor of the City of Lichfield. The 3 nominated trustees are appointed by Lichfield City Council and serve for a period of four years. Co-optative trustees serve for a period of five years. New co-optative trustees are identified from people living within the local community who have the necessary skills and interest, and are appointed by the remaining trustees.

The induction process for any newly appointed trustee comprises an initial meeting with the board of trustees at which an information pack is provided. This includes a copy of the governing document, a copy of the most recent annual report and accounts, copy minutes of previous trustees’ meetings and a copy of the Charity Commission Guidance “The Essential Trustee” and “Charities and Public Benefit”.

The trustees meet four times a year to consider the Charity’s affairs and, as and when appropriate, the broad strategy and area of activity for the Charity, including consideration of grant making, investments, reserves and risk management policies and performance.

The day to day administration of the Charity is delegated to the Clerk.